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General Mitchell International Airport, Wisconsin

The Challenge

General Mitchell International Airport’s most recent 14CFR Part 150 Study recommended exploring the feasibility of noise barriers and other mitigation options for reducing noise from aircraft ground operations on the North and West Ramps in residential areas north of the airfield.  

The Strategy/ Solution

HMMH led a team of four firms to complete a noise barrier study at the General Mitchell International Airport. The study consisted of six major components:

  • Inventory of data on current run-up procedures and operations
  • Acoustical sampling
  • Measure sound levels In the community
  • Measure aircraft source sound levels
  • Survey of residents and businesses regarding attitudes toward aircraft ground noise and potential mitigation measures including noise barriers
  • Characterization of current ground noise exposure using measurement results and detailed computer modeling
  • Identification and cost-benefit evaluation of potential noise remedies including barriers
  • Evaluation and revision of current run-up procedures documents

The study resulted in the recommendation several low-to-no cost measures including improved aircraft parking locations and orientations and a revision of run-up procedures to change one of the run-up locations.